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Oklahoma City Transportation Lawyers

Our firm is recognized nationally as a prominent transportation law firm, attending to the transactional, risk management, and litigation defense needs of OTR and local transportation companies in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado and nationwide.

Our Oklahoma City transportation lawyers are dedicated to our firm’s philosophy that corporate entities and insurance providers deserve experienced, knowledgeable, effective representation to protect their financial and legal interests. We know how important it is to manage your risks associated with every outbound load and we understand the liability issues relating to OTR and local delivery.

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Skilled Oklahoma Trucking Company Defense Attorneys

PCHB&G represents a complete range of clients and corporate interests involved in the transportation industry, including:

  • OTR semi-tractor trailer companies
  • Truck stop operators
  • Aviation transportation, air transport businesses
  • Rail transport
  • Local delivery businesses

We Protect Your Financial Interests

Many businesses operating in the transportation industry self-insure in addition to policy coverage by insurance carriers. Injured parties filing a claim often look for every dollar available as they search for the deepest pockets. Litigation, arbitration, meditation, and trials related to transportation accidents are always complex and injuries involved are typically severe. We have the professional and financial resources to stand up and fight aggressively against fraudulent and inflated claims.

Our Oklahoma City transportation lawyers routinely represent clients in the trucking and shipping industries in cases involving:

  • Product liability
  • Driver negligence claims
  • Third party liability
  • Property claims

Our firm has significant experience with all forms of common carrier insurance coverage in matters involving multi-state events and transactions.

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