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Oklahoma Employment Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Since opening our doors in 1923, Pierce, Couch, Hendrickson, Baysinger & Green, L.L.P., has been a prominent employment law firm representing the needs of employers in communities throughout Oklahoma.

The roots of our firm began in workers’ compensation claims and we have expanded our representation to areas including:

  • Discrimination claims defense
  • Sexual harassment defense
  • Breach of employment contracts
  • FLSA wage and hour claims defense

In addition to representation and dispute resolution services for claims against employers, we also provide experienced legal counsel in all areas relating to risk management and state and federal employment law.

Skilled Civil Rights and Employer Lawsuit Defense Attorneys

Issues involving employment litigation are often complex and involve a strong understanding of federal and state laws. Today’s employer is expected to comply with federal, state and local laws governing the workplace and the employer/employee relationship. The federal “alphabet” laws such as the ADA, the ADEA, the PDA and OSHA and their interrelation to Title VII places obligations on employers which are certainly confusing and often conflict with each other.

The expanded Civil Rights Act of 1964 has created a new area of legal practice, often referred to among attorneys as Employer Liability. Litigation can arise from a variety of areas within this area, including defending employers in claims such as:

  • Wrongful discharge
  • Defamation
  • Improper drug testing
  • Criminal conduct
  • Sexual preference issues
  • Religious issues

Our Oklahoma City employment law attorneys have been actively involved in cases leading to the evolution of Oklahoma civil rights law. Our goal is to provide proactive counsel and to be prepared to successfully represent clients in the inevitable claims that arise against employers.

Contact our offices to discuss your employment law needs with one of our Oklahoma City employment law attorney. Our clients include business and government entities of all sizes and structures, including corporate officers, directs and insurers of public and private employers in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado and nationwide.

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